Just before we start: I will use this post like a statement of purpose. I don’t know what is gonna happen with this blog as I don’t know what will happen with this trip. I only know I’m going to be really busy on things living this dream. However I’d like to think this will be the place where I’ll come back in the future by my own to have a look back, so I can understand some things and remember others. When people come out their comfort zones, away from their family and friends, change in a special way and often it makes them a more aware and sensible with the world that surrounds them… a better person and in this case also a better professional. Maybe this will be the place to talk about it. But also to collect thoughts, photographs, places, food and letters, lot of letters!

To sum up: I’m about to take the plane (hours) which takes me to The Netherlands. I’m moving to The Hague to study at Type]Media, type design master at Royal Academy of Art (KABK). I can’t deny this is a dream come true: it’s for me the best place to study for being a type designer. I’m kind of nervous, it’s something I have been trying to get for these last years and finally, it is true.

This blog is mainly for me, for my family (Yes, mum; I’m eating well and trying to do it healthy…) and friends just to say them I’m still alive and share with them a little piece of my experiences there, but also for everyone (if you are here but you don’t know me and you are interested in following this trip, have a look to this little recap about who I am) who wants to know how that country is from foreigner eyes. See you in Holland!