I have spent this first week in Holland travelling around the country. It is not the first time I’m here – but for several different reasons, Holland has become in an old acquaintance for me. In fact, sometimes I am scared about how “normal” (or maybe not so exciting) has become for me the fact that I can take a plane, take a nap there, wake up and discover I am here. To understand the world is so small always you have some Euros in your wallet (this is still the most difficult part) or a good price on Skyscanner – but it helped me to confirm how much I like this country and the things that happen here at first (or fifth) sight. When you know you are going to make what you love the most in a country you like, you feel more comfortable because you know everything will be easier.

These different trips helped to make me feel more like a tourist than a temporary dutch in this new country, so I’m still feeling things are different and saying all the time: “Look how this is here!”. So I freak out with such a stupid things. Also feeling you will back home soon. Nevermind.

Apart from the trips, I have also known a couple of my future classmates (Stephen, Namrata with her brother,  Noheul, Lisa y Sean), I’ll spend hours and hours with them. And we have already gone to different ethnic restaurants and also to one food+beer+jazz festival around our corner (Maybe I’ll tell you about our house in the future, it is all an institution). I could not say anything bad about my future classmates, quite the opposite. It’s really satisfying to find people from such different places with the sames interests than you and they are also really nice and friendly: this also helps to make being away from your home to be less traumatic. This next year looks reeeally good.

Some photos I took during my trips. In order: Delft, Scheveningen, Haarlem, Amsterdam, Utrecht y Rotterdam.

Delft (Holanda)Arte urbano en Delft (Holanda) Tipografía en Utrecht (Holanda) Delft (Holanda)Playa de Scheveningen en La Haya (Holanda)
Playa de Scheveningen en La Haya (Holanda)
Caligrafía gótica a pincel sobre vidrio en Barrio Rojo (Amsterdam)
Catedral de Haarlem (Holanda) Caligrafía en Catedral de Haarlem (Holanda) Catedral de Haarlem (Holanda) Tipografía en Haarlem (Holanda)

Mercado de las flores en Amsterdam (Holanda) Lettering sobre vidrio en Delft (Holanda) Utrecht (Holanda)Caligrafía Gótica en Catedral Delft (Holanda)Claustro Catedral Delft (Holanda)
Lettering sobre vidrio en Delft (Holanda) Centraal Museum en Delft (Holanda) Estación Central de Rotterdam (Holanda) Estación Central de Rotterdam (Holanda) Casas cubo en Rotterdam (Holanda) Casas cubo en Rotterdam (Holanda) Canal en Rotterdam (Holanda) Diseño urbano, Rotterdam (Holanda)