These last few days were crazy. Finally, we opened the Type and Media door and knew most of our future teachers this next year. Moreover, we had a presentation in front of them and our classmates doing a 10 minutes presentation about where we come from, who we are and what we do.

We already knew each other after these past weeks but it was amazing to see in a quick way our own stories and also the big (but really interesting) cultural differences that will make this year a wonderful, rich and unforgettable experience. By the way: Peter Bil’ak took this class photo of us, in the class backyard (also known as graveyard because it is full of stone carved letters).

Above, top row, from left: Namrata Goyal, Mona Franz, Noheul Lee, Me, Lisa Huang, Gen Ramírez, Claudia Rifaterra. Above, bottom row, from left: Rafał Buchner, Seán Donohoe, Katja Schimmel, Zrinka Buljubasic, and Stephen Nixon.

Always is a good moment to make a class dinner, so that day was the perfect one to make the first official one in our Type-House. Thank you Zrinka for cooking so tasty, Claudia for collaborating with me and my Spanish vacuum packed Jamón and Gen for that amazing Guacamole.

Moreover made a quick train trip to Asmterdam to visit the Arabic Type Fest organised by High on Type. A good way to start the engines and be prepared for the upcoming work. It was a nice evening full of activities and talks by Lara Captan, Kristian Sarkis, Thomas de Milo y Tarek Atrissi about the situation of arabic type design but also about respect, integration and intercultural exchange.