Yes, I know. Last time I was here was several weeks ago. Since them lots of things have happened, so this post will be full of photos of good moments, places and specially little treasures I touched with a huge smile in my face.

Past weeks have passed really fast and suddenly today it is almost one month later; it is what happens when you have lot of work to do (as I expected, it is the reason why we came here, obviously), some visits from Spain and excursions to different places.

We are a bit more Dutch since we went between classes to see and enjoy Prinsjesdag to see the queen passing by. It was a different day.


We received Rob Saunders,  from Letterform Archive in San Francisco. It was amazing to be able of touching with our own hands some original sketches, letterings and prints by Koch, Rotchenko, El Lissitzky, Edward Jhonston o Zuzanna Licko. It was a small part of recent art, design and typography history that we have already studied before coming here. Lucky.

Moreover this past tuesday we visited the Meermano Museo, just around the corner. A private book collection but also with art, painting and sculpting pieces which host an impressive book collection. Some pages from Gutenberg Bible, books by Aldus Manutius, Jenson or William Morris for Kelmscott press were some of the jewels we appreciated, as well some original sketches by Jan Van Krimpen. To sum up: a visit I recommend if you like letters and history.