Don’t panic. We are about to finish the year and there are still a lot of photos I wanted to upload here. But as I told before in this adventure’s beginning, I have been quite busy to feed this properly.

So I am using this moment before a small Christmas party in the Type House to give our Secret Santa presents while next to me Noheul is yelling because she is tired and how much she is waiting for Xmas. At the same time, she is angry cause Pentel pen she has is running out of ink. Almost like us. (Pure poetry). We are already countdowning the time for going back to our countries for Christmas to see our families and celebrate it (although they will be in front of the laptop drawing letters. Letters + Turrón).

First days of November we visited Amsterdam to make a Type Safari and also to know the Het Schip Museum (which is about architecture, especially centred in Amsterdam School) and also to the Stedelijk museum. Some photos I took.