This text was originally posted on Medium. 5th February 2018.

It has been a while since last time I wrote here about things I really care or I really think. And I would not like to sound like an example or kind of inspirational mentor. The truth is probably I’ll end sounding like a new era internet guru wannabe, just the kind of person I hate.

Anyway, this time, instead of filling this with a short caption, some photos and lots of emojis I would really like to say what I think. No photos, no emojis: just words. Often, just before going to sleep I like to write my thoughts in my notes app and sometimes they end being texts like this.

Lately I have been thinking about how much life changes and how much we are responsible for that change. I now strongly believe in the importance of fighting to get what you want. And the problem is we are not taught for this. Really. We are most of the time taught to accept life is hard and some objectives are not easy to get. We are taught to think there are lot of talented people out there better than us, and of course they are!. Most of the times we are taught in the mediocrity and also in that self-conformist attitude. Of course they tell you have to work hard, of course they tell you have to be better, clever, study more. Of course.

But nobody talks about dreams. Never. Nobody tells you have to fight for them even they are so difficult and far away. And they should do it.

These last years I have realised about one thing (well, about many) and is the big amount of people that never followed their dreams. I have been constantly asking people: “Are you happy in your life? Are you happy with your work? Do you love it? Is it the best thing you can do?” Yes. I know are weird questions and sometimes even uncomfortable but I am always the expert in making uncomfortable questions like a kid. And surprisingly the answer for these question showed people resigned to do and to be the kind of person others wanted them to be.

But nobody talk about dreams. Never. Nobody tells you have to fight for them even they are so difficult and far away. And they should do it.

“I would love to have studied photography but I ended being an engineer because my parents and I thought was better for me to study a typical university career”. — Said one good friend. “I wanted to study abroad but I was no brave enough to move to other city far from my family and friends and start from zero. Now I really regret that stupid decision and I often think about it”. — I heard from another. Sometimes the experience involved directly third persons:  “I had a boyfriend then and I did not want to be away from him and move to another city. He did not support me. After some time we broke up. That same day I realized how important is to take your own decisions and drive your own life without thinking too much about what others think or say”. — Said one girl.

“I wanted to do something related to design but well… you know… in Spain you don’t study design in university and still people want to say proudly they have a university career even their job is a big shit. So they told me to go to the Uni. I am not happy in my job, I am constantly looking my watch waiting the day to end”. — Said other. “Carlos, of course nobody likes his job… because they are jobs”. — Said other to me. And I smiled because maybe at that time I did not love mine but I still believe in the idea that is possible to love your job. I did not try to convince him because his answer showed a complete lack of passion and I can’t fight against that, it is not my matter.

“I live my day waiting for the end of the day, my week waiting for the weekend and my year waiting for holidays. Can’t stand this” – “I wanted to be a chef since I was a kid. But it is really difficult, my dad told me. I hate my job, for me it is just a way to survive and I try to do in my free time things I like and make me happy. But I have the feeling I am a bad professional because I am not passionate”. 

And so on.

All those person’s dreams went straight to the trash. Just because others thought they were not enough. And that is not fair. I should admit I am lucky in that because when I was younger I was allowed to do what I wanted and now I know I did not fail. And now, these last days I have realised I am finally exactly in the place I wanted to be. Doing what I want to do and surrounded by really passionate people who love what they do and strongly believe in it. Nothing else could be better. I fought for a long to get this and I’ll have to keep fighting for it, but it worths.

All of this makes me right now to wake up every day full of energy, work hours and hours and I am still happy with it. And you know what? I now want to have this feeling for the rest of my life; does not matter if I am drawing letters or doing another completely different thing. I just want to feel forever I am doing my best and I am motivated. I am in that good moment where I can see it worths to fight and keep fighting. You can get what you want if you work hard and take the necessary steps. And I want this to be my late motive because life is hopeful like this.

You know what? I’ll come back to this text when I am in a hard situation in the future. And this will help me to remember that is always good to fight for your ideas and dreams.

And… one last thing: Is never late to dream again and give yourself and second chance (even you could give you a third, fourth, fifth even sixth… who cares!). Like for example, the girl who wanted to be a photographer: she’s now working on it. And for sure she will get it as many good things she gets.

Of course, it is not easy to reach our dreams. Of course, we face problems and difficulties and is a constant and never-ending battle. But in the future, you should ask yourself: “Am I doing my best? Am I doing what I want to do?” And be sure the answer is YES. Then all that problems will be nothing, just ghosts.