Ich bin ein berliner & Typolabs

April. We flew directly from Amsterdam Schiphol to Berlin city for visiting it, see some friends (and new ones), show our projects and specially to attend TypoLabs 2018. The most important event about type design and type engineering.

That week was full of things like typographic tours around the city to know it a better more and its history troughout the letters, show our final Type and Media projects in Alphabet Type and also some visits like Martina Flor Studio, Monotype office in Berlín and even the neon museum. Of course the main reason for this trip was attending to TypoLabs (3 days full of typography in conferences and workshops). The final one more thing was our visit to Erik Spiekermann’s studio. That was an unforgettable week.

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Second week

Delft Botanic Garden
Holidays are coming to its end that means things are about to start being serious – on the other hand, I had already done all my burocratic things. I was thoughtful enough so I was the first one who had all…
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Welcome to Holland

Delft (Holanda)
I have spent this first week in Holland travelling around the country. It is not the first time I’m here – but for several different reasons, Holland has become in an old acquaintance for me. In fact, sometimes I am scared…
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